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Trybike Vintage Edition 2-in-1 Balance Bike

Regular price
RM 559.20
Sale price
RM 559.20
Regular price
RM 699.00

The Trybike can be first used as a tricycle offering young children (as early as 15 months old) lots of support to start their walking and riding skills. After which, it can be converted into a balance bicycle. At this point, the next stage of riding starts (for ages 2 to 6), involving the skill of balancing.

Smart Features:
- each bike comes with stickers sheets with designs to choose from
- unique small turning radius
- quick-release seat fastener
- easy to assemble and to convert
- unique control disk for the back wheel to ensure perfect wheel positioning
- 2 options for height of the front wheel
- unique footrest to learn even better balancing

One of the biggest misconceptions about balance bikes is that bikes should have a small steering angle and therefore have an enormous turning circle. For that reason, you often see children lift the front wheel in tight corners. Co&Co has minimised the turning circle. Particularly in the early stages this will be very convenient.

Another great feature of the Trybike is its control disk for the back wheel. This way you can get an even lower or higher seat position or increase or shorten the wheel base. Just create the perfect Trybike setting for all levels and skills of your child.

The Trybike Steel has an unique footrest which takes balancing to the next level. When your child is able to balance by keeping feet from the ground for some time it is possible to make the next step to a pedal bike. The only thing they have to learn now is to pedal and brake. Don’t put on training wheels anymore. Most kids will master to ride a pedal bike within 1 or 2 hours when they have been experienced Trybike riders.

Each bike comes with sticker sheets with loads of designs to choose from to customise your Trybike steel to your personal taste. Trybike stickers are made of durable vinyl with UV laminate, making every sticker withstand rain, wind and sunlight.

There are currently several tricycle balance bikes on the market but none of them have the correct dimensions nor proportions. The small inexpensive balance bikes have 8 or 10" wheels which are so small that they will only last for 3 to 6 months before your child will outgrow them. Other large tricycle balance bikes have incorrect proportions so children will hit their heels against the long rear axle.

The Trybike is a clever and has a durable design. The production methods and the choice of materials used are smart and sustainable.Also, every single part is separately available so a Trybike can always be repaired if parts are lost or broken. This is what makes the Trybike truly sustainable.

  • ages : from 15 months up to 6 years
  • seat height: adjustable from 30 cm to 45 cm
  • length, from front wheel to rear wheel(s): adjustable between 87 to 94 cm
  • width of rear wheels in 3-wheel setting: 49 cm
  • width handlebar: 41 cm
  • height handlebar: adjustable between 54 to 61 cm
  • weight: 6.3 kg as a tricycle & 5.2 kg as a bicycle /8kg with box 
  • brakes: feet (handbrakes don’t work at these ages)
  • wheels: 12" spoked steel wheels with nylon bushings, sealed smooth cartridge ball bearings and extra wide rubber inflatable tyres
  • steering limiter: no safety limiter for more manoeuvrability in three wheel mode
  • safety standards: complies with European EN-71 and Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS ISO 8124 safety standards, CE

Note: Do select shipping options " Heavy Items (Trybike/LittleWiwa) " upon checkout.