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Ocean animals

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Animal models have a timeless charm and remain a perennial childhood favourite. 

Animal models helps in boosting your little one's development, creativity and imagination. They are good as a part of storytelling to improve tactile and visual development. Children learn easier when playing with figurines, acting out scenes (perfect for small world play) and various situations. 

They can interact with their playmates, encouraging social development, and even project themselves to be imaginary characters.

This classic ocean series to be added into your kids sea life addition!

High quality non-toxic PVC and painted with toxic-free acrylic paint. Created with the help of a famous UK paleoimagery.


Blue Whale

L 28.4 cm x H 4.2 cm

Tiger SharkL 16 cm x H 5 cm
OctopusL 11cm x H 4 cm

Bottlenose Dolphin

L 15 cm x 4.5 cm