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Wooden toys time!

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This gift box (valued at RM358) is put together specially by our team for a gift specially for toddler to enjoy their first wooden toy set!

We have prepared:

  • Happy meal set from Lettering & Life - Burgers and fries with a drink is all your little one will be happy about!
  • Wooden Rainbow Semi Circle from Lettering & Life - The wonderful thing about these toys is they are intended for open play and to foster children's imagination. They keep them focused and mesmerized by all the different possibilities there are. There is no limit to what these kids can create. The best part is that while they are so engrossed with playing they don't even realize that they are learning as well.
  • Elephant puzzle from Play & Replay - A puzzle wooden toy which can be played as a puzzle, or separately as 5 individual play in pretend play, or story book telling crops.
  • House stacker from Littlemonq - Open ended play to help in training your kids imagination and creativity skills!

And this set you can bring home or gift at RM 300! (Savings of RM58)