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House stacker

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RM 85.00
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RM 85.00
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Open ended play to help in training your kids imagination and creativity skills!

They spark imagination, curiosity, and creativity. They engage children to a greater extent. Open-ended toys make them more prone to become the active creators of this world. Not only they can be used hundred of different ways, but also they can be combined with one another. Children can use them for years and grow with them.

A set include of 5 open piece. Learning in arranging units, both hands and eyes coordination, improving motor skills and critical thinking!

  • Certified water based stains that are non-toxic to ensure a safe playing environment. 
  • Size of this house stacker is 16cm x 16cm x 5 cm
  • Available in Classic and Earth tones.
  • This is handmade, and colours might be vary due to natural wood grains on toys.
  • We understand the “imperfections” of wood as characteristics that make each piece unique. Woods once are living thing, they come with oils, marks, spots, just like humans who have moles, wrinkles, and stretch marks. We value those unique characteristics of wood as natural beauty, not as a defect. Only 'dented in' will be considered as defect.
  • For age 1 and above, supervision while playing is recommended.