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Tidy Tot

Tidy Tot - Bib & Tray Kit

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Ideal for Baby Led (BLW) or Sensory Weaning, this clever kit supports your baby to independent self-feed and confidently explore new foods, whilst saving you time AND money!

The sleeved coverall weaning bib attaches to the tray to close any gaps between baby and highchair tray, preventing food from falling onto lap and clothes.

Our large sensory food tray provides a large surface for your baby to explore and discover food, or to safely engage in messy play, crafts and baking. The tray is lipped to stop food, cutlery, cups, weaning plates and bowls falling to the food.

Ideal for baby-led weaning, let baby develop their self-feeding skills whilst saving yourself all the washing and cleaning that comes with messy mealtimes!

Large sensory food tray attaches to most highchairs

  • Coverall bib attaches to tray to catch spills and protect clothes
  • Stops anything falling to the floor
  • See at a glance how much your baby has eaten
  • Reduces food waste by a massive 75%
  • Ideal for weaning and sensory play

The Tidy Tot Bib with Tray kit contains a sensory weaning tray and coverall weaning bib.

Included in pack is an adaptor to give improved stability on smaller framed highchairs (such as the Ikea Antilop) and a wipe clean storage bag.