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Doddl Baby Cutlery Set + Case

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The best baby cutlery set for your baby. Designed for babies 6+ months.

Expertly designed handles. Comfortable utensil ends. Helps your baby learn to use cutlery and develop key motor skills. Boosts confidence and independence at every mealtime.

Intuitive to use: Cleverly engineered handles of doddl baby cutlery are easy to grip, making it simple for your baby to begin to use cutlery. Helps smooth the transition to confident independent eating as a toddler.

Safe for your baby: Short, compact handles remove the gag risk presented by long handled cutlery.

Comfortable to hold: Your baby can hold in their first ‘palmar’ grip, soft touch areas encourage development of the ‘pincer’ grip, an advanced motor skill.

Recommended by experts: Highly recommended by Feeding & Development specialists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists. 5 star rated by over 10,000 parents