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Avdar Gym

[PRE-ORDER] DIY Trapets Gym Set

Regular price
RM 1,999.00
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RM 0.00
Sale price
RM 1,999.00

Pre-order for Avdar Gym sets from Advar Gym is now open.

[Preorder Period: 06/04/2022 - 22/04/2022]

Stocks are estimated to arrive by June 2022.

Please note that if you order along with ready stock items, it will only be shipped out together after the preorder item arrives (if you need to get the ready stocks items first, do drop a remark upon checkout or contact us).

Kindly join the preorder only if you're comfortable with the wait, thank you.

One of the reason we decided to carry this range of items is because we believe that children naturally love physical activities. They are meant to climb, explore boundaries and capabilities in a safe manner. We just have to provide them the suitable environment that ensures safe and free movement for optimum physical development.       

This special DIY set has an uncoated surface so that your child can draw and paint on them. Create your own gym set, paint however they want and explore their creativity!

This durable trapets set is definitely a good addition for your little ones. It gives your children a great play of developing physical strength with their tiny muscles, balancing skills, building confidence, etc. This would definitely be their new favourite spot at home for them to play!

This set is big and spacious enough for your kids to explore, yet compact to fits all living space easily. The dimension of the gym set is 120cm X 110cm X 110cm (Approx 1.5m). Maximum weight limit is 200kg, you can even play with them on it!

Each set comes with the activity play gym, wooden rings, wooden swings and slide and climbing ramp (two sides)

  • Recommended for all ages.
  • Estimate shipping time: 6-8 Weeks
  • Parental supervision is recommended.

Why Avdar Gym?

  1. Made from Pinewood that are environmental friendly and imported from Europe.
  2. The production process consists of long hours of manual grinding of woods, colouring products and many steps for completion. Each product is thoroughly inspected with each step, ensuring a high-quality product.              
  3. Avdar’s products are coloured with water-based paint which is manufactured by one of the top five environmental friendly paint brands in the world. Conforms to the EU’s toy standard.
  4. Avdar’s products conform with the European Union EN71, China Gb6675, ASTM and CPSIA, KC and other children’s toy safety certification.