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Hairdresser set

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These 10pcs fun wooden hairdressing toy set can not only bring joy to children but also teach them the basics of hairstyling. Kids can imitate combing and cutting hair, drying hair; the belt bag connects different parts which made easy to play. It has removable hairdresser bib, the scissors mirror has a way for child to exercise hands-on ability, so your kids can role play like a real hairdresser!


• Self-directed, hands-on play

• Organizational skills

• Ability to follow instructions

• Observation for safety protocol

• Language skills and vocabulary expansion

• Imagination and Creative thinking

Pretend play is something that we should not miss!

The set includes:

1 X Hairdryer

1 X Blowcomb

1 X Shaver

1 X Comb

2 X Hair Roll

1 X Scissors

1 X Hair Straightener

1 X Equipment belt

1 X Hairdresser bib

1 X Linen bag